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Ken and Anne take a Literacy Class

Ken and Anne take a Literacy Class


 The Garden in St. Peters

The Garden at St Peters Skills Centre 2

The Garden at St Peters Skills CentreThe Garden at St Peters Skills Centre 4


 The Computer Class in St. Peters


Skills  Centres cater for girls aged 17 to 20 who have finished with or opted out of education at 12/13 years of age.

The majority of the students come from areas near the three designated mission schools however, some travel long distances in order to join this much sought after “last chance” option.  Their educational standards vary greatly but generally they have many difficulties with English and Maths.  Lack of relevant textbooks is a further drawback.

Ciaran Black spends most of the academic year in The Gambia working at St. Peter’s Skills Centre which he has supported since 2011. Windows have been installed in the classrooms, potholed classroom floors repaired and tiled, replacement deskscomissioned locally, modern ladies toilets installed and leaking ceilings repaired.

In 2013 Tom Cunnane with the help of his school, Scoil Bhríde, Kill, Co. Kildare provided the Skill Centre with 10 new laptops. These laptops were pre loaded with software suitable for the teaching of basic English and Maths. They were also loaded with a programme called Touch Type, Read and Spell. This programme is specially designed to improve typing skills as well as reading and spelling and is ideal for the needs of the students in the Skill Centre.

Over the years GIVE volunteers have supported the teaching of English,Maths, French, Home Economics, Business Skills, Secretarial Skills, Health Studies and the preparation of Curriculum Vitae.

It was decided in 2016 that students with poor reading skills should be given priority and a literacy programme suitable for youg adults was developed lead by Ken Ryan. This programme was based on the Jollyey programme and rolled out for the students over the six weeks period with remarkable results.

GIVE supports three Skills Centres in The Gambia, St. Peters in Lamin, St. Marthas in Fajikunda and Presentation in Banjul.

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