All is set for the next GIVE visit to The Gambia.

Fifteen volunteers set out for the Gambia on Saturday, 18th January.  This is the GIVE team 2020 and we are looking forward to meeting with our Gambian teacher colleagues and friends over the following four weeks.

Some volunteers will work with Gambian teachers at Early Childhood level and will be joined by 6 Gambian teachers in facilitating workshops for teachers at this level.

Other volunteers will work with selected Gambian teachers from the early primary years (Grade 1 and  Grade 2 Lower Basic) to enable them to become facilitators of workshops in Professional Development and in conjunction with these facilitators will deliver workshops to about 40 Gambian teachers in weeks 2, 3 and 4 of our stay.

In 2019 GIVE hosted a one-day meeting of over 40 Principal teachers to discuss their needs as leaders of teaching and learning in their schools. These schools range in size from 2000+ students to smaller schools in rural areas. Arising from last year’s very successful  meetingand following consultation with a subgroup of these Principals GIVE will co-host a two day meeting to address issues prioritised by the Principals. This is a very positive and progressive development and we wish it every success.

Once again GIVE volunteers have been invited by St. Peter’s, St. Martha’s and Presentation Skills Centres to deliver basic literacy, communication and life skills programmes and Computer Skills programme to some of their students. Many of these students are in their older teenage and young adult years who are keen to improve their skills in sewing, cooking, hairdressing and book-keeping. A request from St. Peter’s Skills Centre for assistance towards the purchase of sewing machines is deserving of our support. Any donations towards this specific project will be warmly welcomed.

We wish all of our GIVE volunteers a safe visit, an enjoyable adventure and a most rewarding and fulfilling experience in the Gambia.