GIVE’s PLAN FOR 2013/2014

GIVE’s PLAN FOR 2013/2014




Subject to agreement with our Gambian hosts and partners, it is provisionally planned to have two groups of volunteers going to The Gambia in early 2014  staying at the BB Hotel.  The BB Hotel has guaranteed 20 rooms for each groups.  Volunteers will work in four educational areas.


Plan Details


Dates for the two groups going  to The Gambia 2014

(depending on dates of flights to and from The Gambia)



Dates for Groups Going to The Gambia

January Group

February Group

9th January 2014  to 13th February, 2014

13th February 2014 to 27th March, 2014.


The Flights will be from the UK rather than from Spain.  This will entail an overnight stay probably at both ends and consequently will add to the costs. 


Numbers of Volunteers


A maximum of 20 volunteers in each group


Educational areas

Approximate Numbers

Skills Centres 

9 (including if possible a Career Guidance Person / Professional Development)


Three Centres

1  Computer volunteer

1  Home Economics

1  English Resource


Nursery Sector

4 to 5 – To follow up on  workshops


1 volunteer for I.T. in St Peters Secondary School, Lamin – a specific request.

Trainee Teacher



5  volunteers







Applications Closing Date             End of August, 2013


Interviewing Process                     to be arranged in September ‘13


Decisions on Applications            by the end of September, 2013, or as soon as      possible thereafter.  Volunteers to be                               informed immediately.


Meeting                                             A meeting of successful applicants will be             arranged for mid-October, 2013


Training                                            Training for those travelling to The Gambia         will commence  October, 2013  


Pre Departure Meeting                 14th December, 2013




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