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Report on recent trip to The Gambia 2012

REPORT JAN/FEB 2012: Three Areas were targeted as areas where help was needed and could be effective as follows. Report on Mentoring Trainee Teachers Workshops for teachers in Nursery Education Skill Centres Mentoring Trainee Teachers In January and February 2012 fifteen retired teachers (12 Primary plus 3 Post […]

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RTÉ Radio 1: Documentary on One ‘Old School, New School

“The Republic of The Gambia is the smallest country on the African mainland and one of its poorest countries. In 1997, the government of The Gambia introduced free primary education for all. The implementation of this policy has resulted in an education system that is struggling to […]

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Accommodation in The Gambia

To date teachers have stayed at the Bungalow Beach Hotel – see link: or Mansea Hotel- see link  The Mansea Hotel Alternative accommodation is used for up country Workshops.

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Minister for Education

The Gambian Minister for Education visits GIVE.

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